kids toy

You hate it or love it, but you can’t deny that finding toys for kids is a very hectic task. Specially, when your boy is in the teen period of the time. It becomes really tough to buy what he likes or not. As he is no longer a small kid or not yet a full-grown teenager, the things become a tangle. Selecting the best gift that can boost up growing kid’s brain while making them indulged for a 12 years old boy is challenging. However, you don’t need to worry about. Because, we have rounded up here some of the best gift options for your kid’s outdoor game and an indoor game that will help him to grow physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.

Camera Drone

drone with camera

Remember the Camera Drone in the bollywood movie of 3 Idiots? Yeah, this would be the best kid’s toy.  It features 5MP HD camera that will capture great memories with high-resolution pictures, flying height 50 meters above ground level and programming learning mid-developed coding system that allows teens and kids to learn the basic programming coding while having fun. Buy drone and we ensure that he will love to have this gift from you.

Table Soccer

Table Soccer Game

Let him play football at home and no will complaint. Made of hard wood, this table soccer game is really fun to play with friends, family and siblings. It’s a perfect party game that can be played anytime and anywhere. As it is convenient to travel with, your champion can play this game while having a picnic trip with his friends.

Dart Board Set

Dart Board Set

Bring his true childhood back by taking him away from technology for a while and gift him this Wood-O-Plast dartboard set. This game can be played outside or inside both. Dartboard is quite famous among kids and it encourages them and sharpens their skills in an interesting way. It enhances eyes and hands coordination. Featuring dual side play, material plywood with cork surface and 6 darts, this game will make a thrilling experience for him and let his gloomy days away.

Air Hockey Table

air hockey table

New arrival product special, Ice hockey game is the perfect way to spend a whole boring day at home. This ice hockey game will surely entertain your kid and his friends and will let him feeling of playing the game outside the house.

Classic Chess

chess board

And here, we have got you classic game chess. Playing chess with your kids will sharp up their mental skills and promote their strategies. So, gits this Funskool plastic chess set which is made of plastic but has a glazed wooden finish and helps your child to become the master of this game.


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